[GALLERY UPDATES]Fan photos update

Posted by rawrpaola ? venerdì 4 maggio 2012

Ethan Peck
I’ve uploaded a couple of recent fan photos. The first picture is from Nothing to Fear's set and the second pictures is from a fan who meet Ethan at the Grove, she said:
I could go on for ages about how amazing he is! I’ll try to keep it short though lol. But honestly he is the sweetest guy I have ever met. Like he actually stopped to talk with my friends and i and he introduced himself and shook our hands which honestly was the cutest thing ever! (I “held” his hand so we’re practically dating lol jk) and I actually took two pictures because the first one was blurry and he was totally cool about it and didn’t act annoyed or anything! and like when you talk to him he seems like he genuinely wants to listen not like some other celebrities who just kinda want to get away. Honestly I hope you meet him because I can’t describe and do justice to how great it was to meet him! Oh and btw if you’re not in love with him already you definitely will be after meeting him…

Ethan Peck Ethan Peck Ethan Peck Ethan Peck

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Thanks thisfeelslike-fallinginlove for the picture.